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Stamped Concrete patterns and textures
Stamped concrete - Canyon Stone Random Interlocking pattern

stamped concrete pattern

LITHOCHROME® Color Hardener - Brick Red
LITHOCHROME® Antiquing Release - Deep Charcoal

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Canyon Stone: Random Interlocking Pattern

The Canyon Stone Random Interlocking Pattern set is an ideal choice when the design intent calls for an asymmetrical, free-flowing appearance. It consists of three tools labeled A, B and C.

The surface texture is that of natural, weathered stone. Edges are irregular and worn.

This set is available in Professional Grade (P), Standard Grade (S) and Flexible (F).

Tool size (inches):
38" x 36"

Order number:
401 A, B and C (P,S,F)

For maximum performance use the complete system:
LITHOCHROME® Color Hardener
LITHOCHROME® Antiquing Release

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LITHOCHROME® Color Hardener - Arizona Tan
LITHOCHROME® Chemstain® Classic - Dark Walnut, Padre Brown, Antique Amber
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Order number: 401 A (P,S,F)
concrete stamping tool

Order number: 401 B (P,S,F)
concrete stamping tool

Order number: 401 C (P,S,F)
concrete stamping tool

Also available:
Texturing Skin Tool - order number 1030

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