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Cool concrete color with SOLACHROME
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    Cool Pavement by SOLACHROME
    Cool Pavement by SOLACHROME

    Cool Pavement by SOLACHROME

    Cool Pavement by SOLACHROME

  • Vibrant, Solar-Reflective Concrete Color

    What is SOLACHROME™ Integral Coloring Treatment for High-SRI Concrete:
    SOLACHROME Integral Coloring Treatment is a powdered concrete admixture used to create vibrant solar-reflective colors that conform to LEED 2009 requirements for reducing the Urban Heat Island Effect through the use of cool pavement technology. It provides permanent, fade-resistant, uniform and streak-free integral color for all types of concrete projects.

    Where to use SOLACHROME Integral Coloring Treatment:
    SOLACHROME Integral Coloring Treatment should be used on playgrounds, sidewalks, parks, plazas, pool decks, outdoor cafes and restaurants, theme parks, streetscapes, cooling pads – any exterior environment that is subject to sun and heat and where the health and comfort of pedestrians or plants, or lower concrete temperatures is a goal.

    What are the benefits of SOLACHROME Integral Coloring Treatment:
    SOLACHROME Integral Coloring Treatment has many benefits including:

  • Lower concrete temperatures at the surface and throughout the slab*
  • Increased comfort for pedestrians, customers or visitors
  • Healthier environment for plants
  • May help decrease energy consumption and cooling costs due to reduced heat transfer
  • "Clean Color" technology produces brighter, cleaner color*
  • Easy to calculate and easy to use
  • More color options to match design intent
  • Provides High-SRI "cool pavement" for LEED 2009 certification | What is SRI?
  • Helps minimize Urban Heat Island Effect

    Minimizing the Urban Heat Island Effect has many benefits including:
    high-SRI concrete from Scofield

    Whether you’re serving customers or entertaining friends or family, make outdoor environments more comfortable and inviting by reducing the heat generated by concrete surfaces.

concrete from Scofield

    Lower concrete temperatures around landscaping can help plants stay healthier by reducing high soil temperatures in adjacent areas and keeping the air around plants cooler.

concrete from Scofield

    Who doesn’t want to save money? Lower concrete temperatures can contribute to reduced energy usage for cooling. For municipalities this can reduce the likelihood of brownouts and rolling blackouts.

    The EPA has identified the use of cool pavement as a key tool in the reduction of the Urban Heat Island. Read more.

    You take your responsibility to the environment seriously, and so do we. Specify a hardscaping material that is long-lasting, sustainable, and demonstrates a commitment to environmental stewardship: SOLACHROME High-SRI Concrete Systems.

    The products may be covered by one or more of the following patents: US 7,815,728; US 8,157,910; US 8,366,824; US 8,632,631 or patent-pending.

    *Compared to conventional hardscaping materials

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