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SOLACHROME® High-SR Concrete Color

What is SOLACHROME High-SR Concrete Color:
SOLACHROME High-SR Concrete Color is a specially formulated coloring system using patented technology, which utilizes pigments with higher solar reflectance compared to many conventional hardscape materials.

This patented “cool pavement” technology helps reduce the heat buildup in the concrete. Reduced heat buildup can result in reduced heat transfer. Reduced heat transfer not only helps minimize the Urban Heat Island Effect, it also means that concrete surfaces can feel cooler to the touch.

Use SOLACHROME High-SR Concrete Color on playgrounds, on sidewalks, in parks, on plazas, on pool decks, on outdoor cafes and restaurants, in theme parks, on streetscapes – any place you feel a reduced heat transfer would be beneficial.

What are the benefits of SOLACHROME High-SR Concrete Color:

  • Lower concrete temperatures at the surface and throughout the slab*
  • Increased comfort for pedestrians, customers or visitors
  • Healthier environment for plants
  • May help decrease energy consumption and cooling costs due to reduced heat transfer
  • "Clean Color" technology produces brighter, cleaner color*
  • Easy to calculate and easy to use
  • More color options to match design intent
  • Provides High-SR "cool pavement" for possible LEED v4 certification
  • Helps minimize Urban Heat Island Effect

    SOLACHROME High-SR Concrete Color is available in both integral and color hardener formulations in all the colors shown below.

  • SR 0.299 | SRI 33
    Sago Palm gray

    SR 0.460 | SRI 54
    Sago Palm white

    SR 0.323 | SRI 36
    Cool Bimini gray

    SR 0.675 | SRI 83
    Cool Bimini white

    SR 0.293 | SRI 33
    Quicksilver gray

    SR 0.475 | SRI 56
    Quicksilver white

    SR 0.296 | SRI 33
    Sunstone gray

    SR 0.475 | SRI 56
    Sunstone white

    SR 0.273 | SRI 30
    Cool Taupe gray

    SR 0.475 | SRI 56
    Cool Taupe white

    SR 0.288 | SRI 32
    Caribou gray

    SR 0.460 | SRI 54
    Caribou white

    SR 0.278 | SRI 31
    Cool Canyon gray

    SR 0.475 | SRI 56
    Cool Canyon white

    SR 0.306 | SRI 34
    Amethyst Ice gray

    SR 0.535 | SRI 64
    Amethyst Ice white

    SR 0.273 | SRI 30
    Cool Brick gray

    SR 0.470 | SRI 55
    Cool Brick white

    SR 0.284 | SRI 32
    Rose Quartz gray

    SR 0.505 | SRI 60
    Rose Quartz white

    SR 0.338 | SRI 38
    Cayman Dream gray

    SR 0.565 | SRI 68
    Cayman Dream white

    SR 0.307 | SRI 34
    Laguna Beach gray

    SR 0.555 | SRI 67
    Laguna Beach white

    SR 0.271 | SRI 30
    Coco Bay gray

    SR 0.480 | SRI 57
    Coco Bay white

    SR 0.318 | SRI 36
    Moonstone gray

    SR 0.525 | SRI 63
    Moonstone white

    SR 0.278 | SRI 31
    Iced Tea gray

    SR 0.470 | SRI 55
    Iced Tea white

    Concrete colors shown are approximate and represent concrete sealed with SCOFIELD® Cureseal-W™.

    Note: Due to shade variations associated with individual color monitors and printers, we suggest you review an actual SOLACHROME™ High-SR Concrete Color selection chart. A test slab be poured and approved prior to starting the job. Test slabs should be poured replicating jobsite conditions.

    The products may be covered by one or more of the following patents: US 7,815,728; US 8,157,910; US 8,366,824; US 8,632,631 or patent-pending.

    *Compared to conventional hardscaping materials

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