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    ground and polished concrete picture

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  • Scofield Sodium Silcate Concrete Densifier

    Who isn’t looking for a more economical solution these days? SCOFIELD® Formula One™ SG can save you money by giving you more product for the same price.

    SCOFIELD Formula One SG is a sodium silicate densifier that gives you a more economical way to provide longer life to uncolored concrete floors in warehouses, distribution centers, retail stores, shopping centers and manufacturing sites. How do we accomplish this? Scofield’s product engineers have determined the optimal solids content required to deliver the best penetration and reactivity: a higher-solids-content formulation that is designed to be diluted 1:1 with potable water.

    Some of the advantages to this high-solids formulation are:

  • LOWER COST. You get twice the usable material for the same price. Your money goes twice as far!

  • REDUCED INVENTORY. You can get the desired amount of usable material by stocking half the units.

  • REDUCED TRANSPORTATION TO JOBSITE. You only need to transport half the amount of liquid hardener needed. An empty bucket and water will do the rest.

  • REDUCES THE NEED TO DOUBLE DENSIFY A FLOOR. The solids content can be adjusted in the field depending on the porosity of the concrete substrate. Refer to the Tech-Data Bulletin for more details.

    This concentrated formula means you get TWICE the usable densifier in every container of SCOFIELD Formula One SG. For softer or more porous concrete Formula One SG can be used full strength.

    SCOFIELD Formula One SG reacts well with the concrete surface, reducing porosity and dusting, improving abrasion resistence and overall long term durability. SCOFIELD Formula One SG produces a finished concrete surface that is nontoxic, easy to maintain, and environmentally sound after installation. SCOFIELD Formula One SG contains no VOC's.

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