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LITHOCAST™ Surface Retarder

What is LITHOCAST Surface Retarder:
LITHOCAST Surface Retarder is a liquid, spray-applied surface-set retarder that allows depth control for creating variable-etched concrete surfaces by preventing hydration of the cement on the concrete surface. LITHOCAST Surface Retarder deactivates the surface permanently and requires no polyethylene cover. Available in six formulations:

  • LITHOCAST Surface Retarder 03 - Provides a light Acid Etch finish to the concrete
  • LITHOCAST Surface Retarder 05 - Provides a Sand Blast like surface to the concrete
  • LITHOCAST Surface Retarder 15 - Exposes aggregate up to 1/4" on concrete
  • LITHOCAST Surface Retarder 50 - Exposes between 1/8" and 3/8" of aggregate on concrete
  • LITHOCAST Surface Retarder 100 - Exposes between 3/8" and 1/2" of aggregate on concrete
  • LITHOCAST Surface Retarder 125 - Exposes between 3/8" and 5/8" of aggregate on concrete

    Where to use LITHOCAST Surface Retarder:
    Use anywhere that etched or exposed aggregate concrete surfaces are desired.

    Approximately 200-300 square feet per gallon on most surfaces or until surface is completely covered

  • Color-coded for each grade with fugitive dye. Color disappears shortly after application.
  • Consistent finish
  • No need to cover with polyethylene
  • Deactivates surface permanently
  • Aids curing process

    Compatible Sealers:
    SCOFIELD® Selectseal Plus™
    SCOFIELD® Cureseal-S™
    SCOFIELD® Cureseal-W™
    CEMENTONE® Clear Concrete Sealer

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