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    Concrete color renovation from Scofield

    Concrete color from Scofield

    Concrete color restoration from Scofield

  • Concrete Color Restoration with Scofield Revive Color Refresher

    What is SCOFIELD® Revive™ Color Refresher:
    SCOFIELD Revive Color Refresher is a penetrating, solvent-borne, two-component, siloxane-based colored water repellant used to improve and renew the color uniformity and intensity of porous, exterior colored concrete surfaces and concrete pavers. It adds a measured amount of color without imparting a paint-like appearance. In addition to revitalizing faded or worn color, it can impart a consistent appearance to mismatched colors.

    Where to use Revive Color Refresher:
    You can use Revive Color Refresher on most exterior horizontal or vertical concrete surfaces. Revive Color refresher can be used to add a measure of color to uncolored concrete. It can also be used without the color component when a clear water repellant is desired.

    How to apply Revive Color Refresher:
    Revive Color Refresher should be applied with an acetone-resistant sprayer and brushed into the surface with a soft-bristled push broom. You can also apply the freshly mixed Revive Color Refresher to the surface with an appropriate roller.

    What do customers say about Revive Color Refresher:
    "The SCOFIELD Revive Color Refresher that we put down outside our store has held up remarkably well. We are in the Midwest and we receive a lot of ice and snow. We salt it every time it comes our way. SCOFIELD Revive Color Refresher was put down in front of our most heavily used door and the freeze/thaw cycles and very heavy foot traffic have had no effect. I would recommend this product to anyone without hesitation."

    -- Matt Melichar, Inside Sales Representative, Logan Contractors Supply Inc.

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