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Sika Scofield CHROMIX-It® 304 Batch Plant Liquid Color Dispenser | Back

Dispense liquid concrete color in a high-volume setting at the batch plant with no rinse water. Now with remote diagnostics.

Introducing the Sika Scofield CHROMIX-It® 304 Batch Plant Color Machine, a liquid color machine that can save you time and requires no rinse water. The Sika Scofield CHROMIX-It® 304 weighs the color quickly and accurately, saving valuable time and providing a permanent record.

The Sika Scofield CHROMIX-It® 304 Batch Plant Color Machine is simple and reliable. The Sika Scofield CHROMIX-It® 304 was developed by Scofield engineers specifically for use with bulk CHROMIX® L Admixtures for Color-Conditioned® Concrete. We did our research in order to incorporate the most cost-effective, reliable and readily available components into this highly efficient color dispensing system. Over 800 pre-matched colors are available representing nearly all integral color manufacturers.


  • Controls use 110 volt power supply
  • No mixing vessel - no rinse water needed
  • Simple touch-screen operation
  • Entire system enclosed in 20 ft. container
  • Most mechanical parts are locally available


  • Only system that batches all four base colors by weight and simultaneously
  • 96% of colors batch in less than 90 seconds
  • Can dispense 200 lbs. of color in 15 seconds
  • Dispenses directly into ready-mix truck - both dry batch and central mix
  • 6 taps on touch-screen for any color


  • Operates from batch plant or container
  • Dispenser head can be situated up to 100 feet away from container
  • 800+ colors and customs available

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