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Sika Scofield CHROMIX-It® 204 Color Center - Liquid Color Dispenser | Back

The efficient Sika Scofield CHROMIX-It® 204 Color Center produces buckets of CHROMIX® L (liquid) Admixtures for in-store bucket sales to concrete contractors.

This handy dispenser system is a real workhorse. It has been developed for endurance and simplified operation. Output is near floor level for extra handling efficiency. All wearing components are "off-the-shelf" and readily available to reduce potential downtime. Accurate weight calibration provides quality control and accuracy to measure out color dosage by the yard. Formulas for CHROMIX® Admixtures for Color-Conditioned® Concrete, SCOFIELD® Integral Color SG and other color cross-references are stored in the IT memory. The Sika Scofield CHROMIX-It® 204 requires only four standard totes of base color to produce over 800 colors. Software can be updated easily and access for operation is password-protected. It is easy to set up and runs on standard, 110v 20 amp power.

The compact Sika Scofield CHROMIX-It® 204 Color Center is self-contained and easy to move. No additional equipment or plant water is needed. The pump is programmed to automatically recirculate the materials, and the printer generates labels.

Sika Scofield CHROMIX-It® 204 Color Center Features & Benefits:

  • Flow rate: 3 gallons per minute
  • Footprint: uses approximately 150 square feet including totes
  • Computer automated dispenser with touch screen
  • Memory contains software and formulas
  • Memory can be updated by a flashcard as needed
  • The label printer for buckets is included
  • Operates on standard 110v power
  • Weighing system can be calibrated and tests "legal for trade"
  • All replacement parts are stocked by Scofield
  • On-site training by Scofield sales representatives
  • Totes can be located up to 50 feet away from dispenser
  • System configuration for 4, 5 or 6 base colors

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