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SCOFIELD® Formula One™ Lithium Densifier MP
VOC-compliant lithium silicate treatment provides longer life for architectural ground and polished concrete surfaces.

SCOFIELD® Formula One™ Finish Coat
Used after treatment with SCOFIELD Formula One Lithium Densifier MP to reduce porosity and protect the surface.

SCOFIELD® Formula One™ Liquid Dye Concentrate
Fast-track color is ready to use after mixing thoroughly, usually about two minutes.

SCOFIELD® Formula One™ Guard-W
Water-based finish provides excellent image clarity and easier maintenance.

SCOFIELD® Formula One™ Guard-S Concentrate
Solvent-borne acrylic concentrate provides protection from water and many staining materials.

SCOFIELD® Formula One™ K
Potassium silicate treatment hardens the surface and increases durability of burnished floors.

SCOFIELD® Formula One™ SG
Sodium silicate treatment for uncolored, nonarchitectural concrete floors.

How to Specify Polished Concrete
An easy-to-understand guide for specifying SCOFIELD Formula One Polished Concrete floors.

Proguard Duracover

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