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Designing with Architectural Concrete

This introduction to "Designing with Architectural Concrete" addresses the numerous ways to add color and texture to concrete surfaces for new construction or renovation.

LMS-001 Learning Objectives
Architects will learn how to incorporate architectural concrete into their projects and how to assess the many ways to color and texture concrete, as well as how to create, design and specify projects using coloring and texturing and resurfacing systems. Advantages of using architectural concrete will be reviewed. Architects will gain knowledge of the differences in coloring, texturing and resurfacing materials and how they conform to ASTM standards.

Architectural Concrete in Interior Design

The program "Architectural Concrete in Interior Design" traces the roots of interior uses for architectural concrete to Frank Lloyd Wright and explores the reasons behind the popularity of staining and coloring concrete now in mainstream building practices ranging from big box retail and commercial uses, to high-end residential projects.

LMS-002 Learning Objectives
Architects will learn how to create, design and specify projects for interior uses. Advantages of using architectural, decorative concrete for durable interior flooring will be compared to other flooring materials such as terrazzo, epoxy, wood, stone, tile, marble, VCT and other materials, and includes data on installation and life-cycle costs. Architects will gain valuable insights into unique attributes and the requirements for construction and maintenance.

Architectural Concrete: Ground & Polished with Integral Color, Dyes and Stains

This in-depth introduction to ground and polished concrete explains the basic principles behind the process. The LU addresses LEED project qualifying, slip co-efficient, coloring systems and maintenance.

LMS-003 Learning Objectives
Architects will learn how to incorporate ground and polished concrete into their projects and understand how to select the proper grade and class for a polished concrete specification. They will learn about densifying concrete and how ground and polished concrete compares to other flooring materials. They will learn about floor flatness, light reflectivity. They will also learn how to properly color and maintain a ground and polished floor.

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