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Proguard Duracover floor protection system from Scofield
Use Proguard Duracover for superior floor protection

What a customer said about Proguard Duracover:

"I was in an office in Hilo yesterday where I had sold your Proguard Duracover. They were cutting some concrete around an elevator shaft and the floor was a random quartzite. The guys loved the Proguard! They used it three times before tossing it out.

It caught the slurry from the saws as they were cutting concrete. They shoveled concrete off the Proguard with flat shovels. His comment was "The price of the Proguard was way less than the price of the cleanup we usually have in situations like this.....and we used it three times......and duct tape works really well on the Proguard also." He said there were lots of folks asking what that material was and impressed at how well it performs."

-- Tom Adams, Bonded Materials


There are a number of options for adding color to concrete. You can narrow down the choices by taking into consideration whether the concrete is going to be poured fresh, or if it is an existing, or older cured or hardened concrete surface.

When the concrete is a new pour, in other words it hasn't been placed yet, you have a bit more diversity as to how you want to finish it. Here is a breakdown of the options for both scenarios.

New Pour

When the project calls for concrete that is to be poured on the jobsite (freshly placed), usually delivered to the site by a ready mix concrete company in a concrete mixing truck, there are several concrete coloring and finishing options which are generally not possible with an older or existing concrete slab. Let's take a look at some of these options:

Sika Scofield LITHOCAST Surface Retarder

Integral concrete color is color that is added to the concrete mix at the concrete batch plant. It is called integral because this color is added into the concrete mix, and when the concrete is poured out of the truck and into the formwork, it is colored all the way through.

Integral concrete color is typically the most cost-effective way to add color to concrete, and it can be used alone or in conjunction with other concrete finishing techniques to create a variety of appearances. The simplest way to use this coloring method is to do a broom finish on the surface after placement. This is a common technique for exterior concrete plazas, sidewalks, drives, and patios. Integral concrete color is also used for cast-in-place, tilt-up, and manufactured concrete products.

Sika Scofield Formula One Polished Concrete

Concrete color hardener is a powdered coloring product that is broadcast onto the surface of freshly placed concrete, and then troweled in to create a uniform, consistent colored appearance. It generally provides a more solid looking color compared to integral color, and is available in a range of permanent, high-opacity, vivid colors.

Color hardened concrete has performance advantages. Due to select aggregates and other technology, color hardened concrete has a higher compressive strength at the surface, making it suitable for even vehicular traffic. It is commonly used for warehouse, industrial, commercial, hardscapes, splash pads, and parks.

Sika Scofield Formula One Polished Concrete

Stamped concrete refers to the technique of using pattern or texturing tools to create a concrete surface that mimics the appearance of brick, stone, slate or tile. Finishing concrete in this way is a more cost-effective option to using actual stone, slate, or other paving materials.

Another option for a textured concrete surface is to use a concrete surface retarder. The surface retarder is sprayed onto the surface of the freshly placed concrete, where it delays the set time of the surface paste. This allows the surface paste to be washed off, revealing a specific depth of aggregate at the surface.

Existing Concrete Slab

When the project involves concrete that is already in place (whether newly cured or older concrete), you generally cannot use any of the coloring or texturing options listed above*. But there are some great coloring options available:

Sika Scofield LITHOCAST Surface Retarder

Concrete stain is used to color the surface of an existing concrete slab. It is typically sprayed onto the prepared surface, and sometimes worked in with a brush. There are a number of different types of concrete stain on the market, but they are generally divided into two types: acid stain and water-based stain.

Concrete that is colored with acid stain has a unique, variegated appearance, and the color is permanent. Available in a limited palette of browns, greens and blacks, acid stain chemically reacts with the concrete and becomes part of the concrete surface. No two acid stained floors will be alike in appearance. Acid stained floors can look either antiqued or contemporary, depending on the design of the surrounding environment.

An alternative to acid stains are water-based stains. These high-performance, low-odor stains offer more color selections than acid stain, including vibrant reds, purples, yellows and blues. One benefit of water-based stains is that the area that is stained can be more quickly returned to service. The use of a protective sealer is important to maintain the color.

Sika Scofield Formula One Polished Concrete

Polished concrete has been around for a number of years, but was mostly relegated to warehouse floors. With the introduction of concrete dye and specific finishing options, this durable and low-maintenance floor has entered the architectural mainstream.

Ground and polished concrete is a mechanical process of cutting or honing an existing concrete slab, adding dye (color) and a densifier, and then polishing to the desired level of gloss. Densifying products are used to harden the surface by filling the naturally existing surface pores with additional calcium silicate hydrate (CSH), a naturally occurring mineral in concrete that gives concrete its strength.

*A Final Word

If you have existing cured concrete, you may be able to utilize a cemetitious topping overlay that will allow you to re-color and possibly add texture or patterns to the surface. These toppings go on at a relatively shallow thickness, and they must be able to bind to the existing concrete surface to be usable.

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